Registration Terms & Conditions


  • Only registered runners can participate in the event.
  • The registrations fee is collected on behalf of the Tereza Maxová Foundation via the public collection No: S-MHMP / 1501799/2012, in cooperation with C-IN, the production company of the event. A minimum of 50% of the registration fee will be allocated to direct aid to the children in need, while the remaining amount is to be used to help to cover the costs associated with the organization of our event and the activities of the foundation.
  • The charity event will start on Thursday, September 16, 2021, at 10:00 am, with the opening in the Letná park in Prague. The rest of the event will take place in the form of an online happening. The charity event will end once we raise the amount of CZK 10 million CZK.

  • To participate in the event, individual attendees will need the fitness application Strava which allows to track completed kilometres and upload them to the online leaderboard maintained by the organizer.

  • You can only register using the dedicated online registration form available on the organizer’s website.
    The registration is valid only once the full registration fee has been paid to the bank account of the organizer. You can pay the registration fee by a wire transfer or by card online.
    If the event registration (order) is not paid within 10 calendar days after its generation, it will be automatically cancelled.

  • The registration fee paid by participants is non-refundable. The participants may only transfer their registration onto another participant. To transfer your registration (including the registration fee), please contact the organizer by e-mail at

  • After the event, the organizer will stop data synchronization with the Strava account of all participants.

  • Please note that only people over the age of 13 years of age can create an account in the Strava app. Therefore, if you wish to register children under the age of 13 for the TERIBEAR event, the Organizer recommends that you choose the following procedure to create an account in the Strava application for a child. To create the Strava account for the device that a participant under the age of 13 will use to track his or her kilometres, the legal representative of the registered child below the age of 13 can create the Strava account in the child’s name and fill in his / her own identification data and e-mail address. To pair this account with the TERIBEAR registration of a participant under the age of 13, meaning authorizing the synchronization of the child and not the legal representative’s kilometres with the Organizer’s result list, use the link received in the e-mail message confirming registration of the participant under 13 years. The Organizer warns that the Strava application does not allow to create multiple accounts linked to the same e-mail address. Therefore, if a legal representative also wishes to participate in the event, they must use a different e-mail address to create his or her own account in the Strava application. Use of the Strava application is subject to the terms and conditions of Strava, INC. available at and the Organizer does not bear any responsibility for the actions of registered participants violating of these conditions.

  • The organizers reserve the right to changes of the programme, propositions, terms and conditions herein without any prior notification.

  • The organizer shall not be liable for any harm to the health or life of the participants during the event, during any workout sessions or accompanying events. The organizer shall not be liable for any damage to the property or any other losses suffered due to the participation in the event or while watching it. The organizer shall not be liable for any damages suffered by the participants or caused thereby.

  • Footage and images taken during the event can be used by the organizer to document the event and to promote future events.  For more information on using videos and photos taken during the event, see Personal Information Processing below.

  • Each participant attends the event solely at their own risk.


The controller of the personal data is Tereza Maxová Foundation, id no. 285 14 319, with the seat in the Czech Republic, Praha 1 – Staré Město, Jáchymova 26/2, PSČ 110 00 as the event organizer. The controller collects personal data of the participants for the purposes of the charity virtual event “Get Moving with TERIBEAR or Fun Movement with the Bear Powered by ŠKODA AUTO” (hereinafter referred to as “the event”) to the extent that is necessary for the proper organization and course of the event.

The controller processes personal data of participants including their first name, last name, e-mail address, country and city/town of origin, name of the team, preferred story/cause that the participant wishes to support, gender, year of birth, payment details, a unique ID (or GUID) and the completed number of kilometres.

If he or she wants to take part in the event, the participant provides the above data on a voluntarily. A unique ID together with the number of completed kilometres are uploaded from the Strava app once the participant authorizes pairing of his Strava user account with the online leaderboard via the link he received. This consent can be withdrawn at any moment. Terminating the authorisation will mean that the leaderboard admin will immediately stop synchronizing the Strava data of the user ID and the completed kilometres. The above data is required for the participant to be registered and included in the event. If a participant refuses to provide any of the above personal data, they cannot be successfully registered. If the participant cancels authorisation for pairing their Strava user account with the online leaderboard, their results will not be recorded for the purposes of the event.

The legal basis for data processing, in this case, is the performance of a contract (event registration and mileage records) and compliance with legal obligations of the controller (payment details processing).

The controller processes the said data electronically using automated means. Personal data including first name, last name, year of birth, country and city/town of origin, the selected cause to support, name of the team, distance can be further used on the online leaderboard, published e.g. on the website or otherwise for promotional purposes. Data indicated herein can be found on the website by entering the name of the participant also after the event ends, however, the participant may at any time request the organizer to remove their data.

Also, under the Czech Act no. 480/2004 Coll., on selected information society services, as amended, the controller can process the e-mail address of the participant for the purposes of sending them information regarding organizational issues connected with the event, alternatively on other events of the organizer after the end of this event, for marketing notifications or other communication regarding the charity work of the organizer, unless the participant refuses to allow such processing upon registration. The participant can unsubscribe from business communication at any time by clicking the link provided in each business communication or using the contact details provided below.

For the purposes of personal data processing the controller uses following processors: CZECH-IN s.r.o., Company ID no.: 485 82 387, with its office in the Czech Republic, 5. května 1640/65, Praha 4, PSČ 140 00, Gappex s.r.o., Company ID no.: 068 35 732, with its office in the Czech Republic, Na Cimbále 104/2, Praha 4, PSČ 143 00, NET Production s.r.o., Company ID no.: 033 73 045, with its office in the Czech Republic, Za farou 816/67, Praha 5, PSČ 154 00, POMPO spol. s r.o., Company ID no.: 250 89 595, with its office in the Czech Republic, Unhošť, Lidická 481, district Kladno, PSČ 273 51. All indicated processors provide technical and organizational support needed for the smooth running of the event.

The controller also cooperates with Strava, INC., 208 Utah Street, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA, the operator of the Strava app used for tracking completed kilometres in the event, which are then uploaded to the online leaderboard of the controller based on the authorisation provided by the participant. Strava, INC. is an independent controller. For more information regarding the processing of Strava users personal data thereby, please go to:

At any time, a participant can request the information processed by the controller about the participant and the controller will provide such information. This obligation can be fulfilled also by the processor on behalf of the controller.

If a participant believes that their personal data are processed contrary to law or privacy and personal life protection, especially that their personal data are inaccurate in the light of the processing, they can request an explanation from the controller or the processor or ask them to amend this situation. This can include e.g. rectification, limits to processing or erasure of the personal data of this data subject. If the request of the participant is proved legitimate, the controller or the processor will immediately rectify this non-compliance. Also, the controller will inform the recipients to which the controller disclosed the data about the request received from the participant. This does not apply if informing the recipient proves to be impossible or would involve a disproportionate effort. Under certain conditions, the participant may execute their right to data portability and to lodge a complaint against the controller with the Office for Personal Data Protection. If a participant consents to the processing, their consent is voluntary, and they can withdraw or limit it at any time.

Any video and audio recordings or images of participants taken during the event selected by the participant or sent to the organizer thereby, can be used by the controller for their own promo activities or to promote their partners and the participants are not eligible for any payment in return. Participants can withdraw their consent to the use of audio and video recordings at any time, however, if they do so without any reasonable grounds, they will indemnify the organizers for any and all losses caused thereby. By participating in the opening event in the Letná park, the participant acknowledges that the image and sound recordings and portraits of the participants may be captured during the event and subsequently used for information on the event and promotion of the event by the organizer or the event partners and sponsors. Personal data, including video recordings, can be shared on social networks only in compliance with personal data protection policy of social network operators. The controller shall not be liable for any such sharing.

Personal data of participants will be processed only for the period necessary for the purposes of the processing to be fulfilled. Once the purposes of the processing are fulfilled, personal data will be safely removed. After the event, data synchronization from all participant accounts in Strava app will be cancelled. Data available on the online leaderboard will be removed after one year of the event, unless a participant requests their removal sooner. In such event, only the identification of the participant will be removed, and not the completed number of kilometres in order to maintain integrity of overall results in the event.

If the participant’s consent forms the legal basis for personal data processing, the said data will be processed during the period of such consent, unless the participant withdraws or limits his or her consent earlier. In such event, the controller stops using personal data in the relevant scope for given purposes.

Should you have any questions regarding the event or should any participant wish to execute their rights stated above, please contact CZECH-IN s.r.o. by e-mail at You can contact the controller by e-mail at or by phone at +420 257 474 529.

“Bird & Bird & We are joining you for the run”

Tereza Maxova Foundation hereby wishes to thank the Bird & Bird law firm for providing comprehensive legal services to the TERIBEAR project, including the supervision of the “Registration Terms and Conditions” and “Personal Data Protection”.


The virtual happening “Get Moving with TERIBEAR or Fun Movement with the Bear Powered by ŠKODA AUTO” including the opening event in the Letná park in Prague is organized by Tereza Maxová Foundation with the seat in the Czech Republic, Jáchymova 26/2, Praha 1, Company ID no.: 285 14 319 (the organizer), with the production support by CZECH-IN s.r.o., with the seat in the Czech Republic, 5. května 1640/65, 140 21 Praha 4, Company ID no.: 48582387, tax ID no.: CZ48582387, account no.: 51-0903480287/0100 (production company).