How To Download Strava

Strava can be downloaded free of charge on your smartphone from the Google Play or App Store. The app is available only in English. Below you can find a quick reference guide for fast and easy download of the app to your phone together with short user instructions.

REMEMBER! You don’t need the paid version of the Strava app to join our event. The free version is enough.


Once you have downloaded the app, click “Open Strava” button to show the login site. Select your preferred option (Facebook/Google/e-mail + password) for logging in the app.

For example, if you opt for e-mail, you need to enter your e-mail address and set a password for logging in the app in future.

Step 1
Once your credentials have been completed, you can create your account by entering your basic data (full name, date of birth, etc.). The app will also ask if you want to receive notifications. It is up to you whether you allow it or not. The same applies to remembering the password: you can either save the password or choose the “Not Now” option.

Step 2
Click “YES” to confirm that you allow location access for tracking your activities.

Step 3
Then go to the next page where the app will ask if you wish to receive news etc. It is up to you whether you want Strava to send you such e-mails.

Step 4
In the next step, you will be advised that there is a paid option with extra services available. If you are sure you don’t want to use the paid Strava version, please click “SKIP” and move to the next step. If you want, you can opt for paid Strava services in future, however, it is not required for our event.

Step 5
Choose “Let’s go” button here to go to the next step. Now you are ready to track and record your activities.


Please note that, based on the terms and conditions of the Strava application, only persons over 13 years of age can create an account in the app. The child’s legal representative will be required to create an account for a child younger than 13. Each Strava account requires a unique e-mail address. The legal representative needs to use a different e-mail from the one used for his/her own registration and then log into the application under this account on the child’s phone. This will authorize data synchronization. The child will be listed under his/her own name in the leaderboard on the website.