When does the event start and end?

The event begins on September 16th, 2021 at 10:00 am and will finish once the amount of 10.000.000 CZK is generated

How long will the event take?

We are not able to predict when the event will finish. The event will finish once the amount of 10.000.000 CZK is generated

Who can join the event?

There is no age limit for joining the event

What is the cost of the registration fee?

The registration fee costs 200 CZK for everyone


TERIMETER = 1km of running or walking or 5km of riding bicycle. Leaderboard shows results using this new unit TERIMETER! For your every TERIMETER event partners donate 20 kč.

I would like to register with my class, how can I register?

You can register your school/class/club by filling the registration form here.

Where can I run/walk/ride bicycle?

You are able to run/walk/ride bicycle everywhere around the world.

Where can I pick up my bandana/sports scarf for TERIBEAR?

For this year, the bandana/sports scarf is available for all participants of the event. The bandana/sport scarf can be picked up at your selected branch of POMPO s.r.o. in the Czech Republic from 30.08.2021 until 8.10.2021. You can select your preferred branch during the registration.

I have not received the voucher for picking up my bandana/sport scarf


What is Strava?

The Strava app is used to track and analyse running, walking and cycling performance. It can measure time or distance travelled and tempo of run, walk and ride and trace routes on the map. After recording the physical performance,  it can show a detailed analysis and processed statistics

Can I use a smartwatch for the app?

All data can be tracked using a smartwatch and it can then be automatically synchronized to the Strava app. The list of supported smartwatches can be found here.

I am not able to download Strava app
Instruction on how to download the app can be found in registration guidelines
I am not able to connect the Strava app with the leaderboard

Please contact the production of the event for further help

Do I have to deactivate my Strava account if I no longer need it for personal use?

The Strava and on-line TERIBEAR leaderboard pairing will be deactivated once the event ends.

If you do not wish to use the Strava app for personal purposes, you can delete your account in the “my account” section in the app.

I have not received the link for synchronization with the app
What kind of activity am I allowed to use?

For our event you can use activities such as run, walk, hike, cycle (also e-bike) and wheelchair.

Am I allowed to run on a treadmill?

If are using a smart watch, which is synchronised with the Strava app, there you can run on a treadmill. If you are using a smart phone, which is synchronised with the Strava app, then it will not work as the GPS module will not track your movement.

Can I save my activity as private?

For our event, it is essential to save your activity as public; visible for everyone. This setting is set up by default, please do not change this setting.

Is the Strava app free?

For our event, you are only required to create a free trial account. The app will offer you to upgrade to a Premium account, however, this is not required for this event. 

How can I verify that my registration is synchronised with the Strava app?

There are two ways how to check:

  1. Log in to Strava on the website www.strava.com.
  2. In the details (Pic .1), click on “Settings
  3. On the left sidebar click on “My Apps” (Pic.2)

Or you can verify by clicking on the link in the e-mail Hýbejte se s TERIBEAREM – spárování účtu, that you have received. If the app has been synchronised already, the link would show “Synchronisation has been successfully connected with Name Surname

Do I need to have mobile data turn on or can I run in offline mode?

Mobile data doesn’t have to be turned on, however, you must have your GPS module turned on, so you movement can be tracked. You can then upload your progress at home, when you are connected to the internet. More details can be found here.

Can I create my activities manually in the Strava app?

Yes, you can, but BEWARE! Manually created activities will not be tracked in our leaderboard. This function is blocked by our system. 


I have filled in incorrect details or I am not able to complete my registration

Please contact the production of the event for further help

The payment via credit card was cancelled

You can pay the registration fee via bank transfer as an alternative. More details can be found in the registration guidelines.

I registered as an individual. Can I join to the teams of my friends/colleagues?

Yes, but only until the beginning of the event – Thursday, 16.09.2021. Please contact the Organizing secretariat – C-IN.

Can I register a child that does not own a smart phone/smart watch?

In case your child does not own a smart phone/smart watch, he/she can join your activity and after saving the activity, you can share this activity with your child. This exception is only applicable for parents with children


Where can I view the results?

Your results can be found in the online TERIBEAR leaderboard 

How long does it take to transfer my recorded performance to the leaderboard?

The update can take up to few minutes